Our Mission

Inspiring intense FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), that’s what we strive to do at Heliskope. A combination of drone experts and agency professionals, our team brings your vision to life through imaginative direction.

Cinematography & Photography

Specializing in low-altitude aerial filming, we employ state of the art flight robotics, active camera stabilization, and innovative techniques to provide unique, intimate cinematic perspectives.

Operating a fleet of drones, cable cam systems, and handheld digital stabilizers, we push the limits with our creative solutions to capture the bold, coveted shots others can’t.

With our capability to live stream HD video, we can bring your project or event live to millions of people in real-time.

In addition to our aerial media platform and flight technique, we have a talented production team to add value to your digital content. From real estate agents looking to gain an edge in client development to an event management team seeking increased web traffic, rich aerial media can revolutionize your marketing potential.

Not looking for video? We also shoot photography at a fraction of the cost of traditional aircraft.

Information Services

It's not just about filming, drones provide a utility that has extended to data capturing across multiple industries.

With our drones, we are capable of carrying various payloads to meet your needs. We can efficiently and affordably perform inspections, analyze crops, build high precision 3D models, etc., providing a safer alternative to traditional forms.

Hardware & Expertise

Interested in joining the emerging drone industry or need consultation? We can help.

Partnering with Rotoverse, our trained experts have both the tools and the experience to develop your personalized custom solution. Our tech fireballs can offer education services for both building and operating a drone, as well as offering maintenance plans and hardware repairs.

Think you have what it takes to join the fastest growing industry in the world? Visit rotorverse.com for more information.

Got Another Idea?

At Heliskope, we thrive on creativity.

Whether we are thinking of new and inventive ways to utilize our drones or pushing the boundaries of existing techniques, we understand that inspiration can be found anywhere. In our experience, the most clever and successful visions come from you. Interested in shooting confetti over your pool party? No problem. Sometimes the drone itself brings the party. With LED lights and customizable features, our equipment extends past “industry standard”.

We were never very good at running with the rest of the pack. So, come fly with us.

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